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My name is Toby Pinder, Rails and PHP developer by trade. Think of this site as a vault for some of my experiments (or non-pretentious words to that effect). Particular passion projects of mine include Ludum Dare games, data driven and statistical analysis tools, and digital and virtual economies and currencies.

LD32: Advanced Persistent Threat


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LD29: Quantum Tunnelling

For Ludum Dare 29 I created "Quantum Tunnelling". The asteroid miners of the future have had one too many accidents with mining lasers and space dust. So they've come up with a far more sensible option - using the power of quantum to teleport non risk-averse employees into the asteroids themselves!

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LD27: Astronomical Odds

I made a game for the Ludum Dare 27 called "Astronomical Odds". Ludum Dare is a 48 hour game development competition. As you can imagine, those are strict time constraints! I entered both LD21 and LD26 with some half-baked, abstract ideas implemented on the server side for the most part, but I was happy with my JS focused result, which boasted a surprisingly polished combat system (even if the enemy AI is... janky),

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